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What is organic farming?

It is an agricultural method that exploits the natural fertility of the soil through limited interventions and making only use of organic substances. In this way, it avoids any sort of environmental pollution deriving from pesticides, chemical and plant protection products.


What are the advantages of organic farming?

Organic farming improves the quality of our life. In fact, it gives healthy products without residues toxic for human health. Organic farming respects and guarantees the preservation of animals and plants; it does not pollute the air, the soil and the water-bearing stratus; it does not abuse the soil to make only profit, indeed it contribute to the establishment of a better environment where to live.


What are the benefit of eating organic?

At length, the consumption of conventional products exposes our body to the assimilation of chemical residues, that may cause serious intolerance and pathologies, in particular during the growth of the child. On the other hand, organic food contains no harmful substances, and has a higher content of antioxidant and nutritious matter. Organic farming does not allow the use of GMO and hybrid seeds, while the cultivation is not intensive.

That is why organic food are not only healthier and more uncontaminated, but also tastier: they have an authentic flavor that reflects their origin.


Why pay more for organic products?

Organic products have a higher production cost, because they are obtained through non-intensive cultivations that require great care and more hand labor. The yield is lower, since no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. A choice that is worth: it is an investment on own health and on the one of our children, without renouncing “the Taste of Well-Being”.



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