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    Bioitalia infused extra virgin olive oils are the flagship of our wide assortment.

    This line is made up of three infused oils wisely prepared to satisfy even the most discriminating palate, thanks to their unmistakable Mediterranean taste.


    “BasilicOlio” is an infusion of organic fresh basil (cultivated outdoor and selected by hand) in organic cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.

    PeperOlio” is an infusion of organic chili peppers in organic cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.

    “LimonOlio” is an infusion of organic fresh lemons (Amalfi Coast PGI) in organic cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.


    The ingredients may appear simple, but the manufacturing process is actually superfine. In fact, it is the fruit of an intense collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

    Basil flavor, chili pepper flavor and lemon flavor are cold extracted through infusion in extra virgin olive oil, by means of ultrasounds.

    This technology accelerates the transfer into the oil of the flavors and the scents of the basil, the chili pepper and the lemon. These substances are trapped in the acid structure of the oil and the organoleptic properties persist unaltered through time.

    Bioitalia infused oils are made with cold extracted extra virgin olive oil, well known for its antioxidant properties, very useful to curb cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and most of cardiovascular and progressive diseases.



    Bioitalia infused oils are recommend to be use cold. They are ideal for flavoring Mediterranean specialties.

    “BasilicOlio” is suitable to season main courses, toasted bread, vegetable soup, pizza, mozzarella cheese and Italian specialties such as frisella.

    “PeperOlio” is perfect to flavor fish, seafood, soups and vegetables, either steamed, grilled or in oil.

    “LimonOlio” is excellent to dress salads, beans soups, stewed vegetables, grilled meat and fish. Use it to prepare confectioneries too.



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