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    Bioitalia organic honey stems only from Italian beekeepings. Italy offers a large quantity of  plants and cultures, and also a dry climate that let the honey mature in an optimal way. An important qualitative advantage. Spreading two teaspoons of Bioitalia honey on toasted bread every morning is not only a good way to finish your breakfast, but it represents also the ideal daily ration of a balanced diet in order to get your energy refilled. Honey is a living and active complex substance, because it is not processed with preservatives and contains many substances which are helpful for human body, such as monosaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and dietary minerals. Human body absorbs very fast these substances, which help us to fortify and strengthen muscles (ideal for sportsmen). Honey helps also mineral fixation. Honey is very effective against sore throat, gastric ulcers and it is also important during the growth of the child.

    Bioitalia is available in six versions:

    Polyflora, Acacia, Orange, Chestnut, Honeydew, Eucalyptus.



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